We are not a club.  We are just a group of people who really enjoy the radio hobby.  Most of us are ham operators, but some of us are not.  It doesn’t matter if you are a ham or if cb is your thing.  Anyone is welcome to join us on the air or off as long as you like to have fun  and enjoy good conversation.

We can often be found on cb 36 LSB in the evenings.  On occasion you will also find some of us on 2 meters 146.440.  Otherwise you might just run into one of us on any given band calling CQ.

The purpose of this site is to bring radio operators of all walks of life in the south central Texas area together.  Currently we primarily use the site to  get the word out for our swap fest/meet and greet.  Of course there is no telling what content we might add to the site in the future.

Catch you on the bands soon.


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